No one place, but one time.
No touch, but able to contact.

No one place, but one time. No touch, but able to contact.

24 hours of online performing arts and research
(2/04 - 12:00 (GMT +0) - START; 3/04 - 12:00 (GMT +0) - FINISH)



The main question is whether it is possible to make a performative contact and create a general atmosphere of performance by online tools?


The essence of the UNTOUCHABLE festival is stream-art performance: the creation of performative events in which performers and spectators interact in an online environment in real time.

The idea of ​​the festival was born from the understanding that people do online so many things: we watch movies and series, communicate in instant messengers, work, read books, order food, shop, have sex, organize wars, pray.

And the next step is to explore and create a performative contact.

Our answer is 24 hours of performances, master classes, lectures, mysteries, happenings and informal interactions with participants from all over the world.

No one place, but same time. No touch, but able to contact.




The festival program consists of three directions. Performative, educational, happenings, open space online hub.


Educational program is lectures and master classes dedicated to online art and stream art.


The open space of the online hub is a permanent space where participants can come and just chat with each other.


The festival program consists of three directions. Performative, educational, happenings, open space online hub.


Educational program is lectures and master classes dedicated to online art and stream art.


The open space of the online hub is a permanent space where participants can come and just chat with each other.


The performative program is a show and discussion of stream art performances.


Happenings affect the entire festival, an invitation to a new way of experiencing contemporary art.


The festival program consists of three directions. Performative, educational, happenings, open space online hub.


Educational program is lectures and master classes dedicated to online art and stream art.


All time points are in the GMT+0 time zone. Please add or subtract your time zone from the specified time

Let’s get to know each other and the structure of the festival. Together we will make the first touch to stream art performance

This piece draws from our everyday film the cruel story of humanity to bestiality, from equality to inequality, from justice to injustice, from races that are marginalized. The weight of race at  killed the good years.

Author of the concept: MBOKO LOPIKI

Performers: MBOKO LOPIKI


This is a plastic, expressive and existential stream art performance.

During the War we look at the enemy, we endow him with the most aggressive and inhuman properties.

We demonize him because demons are easier to kill than people.

But what happens to us when we achieve victory? 

Are the demons leaving our lives, our dreams and our reality?

Perhaps the most difficult question: 

Do we choose our enemies?

And, finally, who is My biggest enemy?

Author of the concept: Andrew Utenkov

Perfomer: Andrew Utenkov

“From now on” is a concept that comes from Eastern philosophy and religion.
I decided to start from it first of all because of significant changes in my life, both at work and
personal; afterward because all of us have undergone considerable upheavals due to the
pandemic and especially in recent days the news of the war is upsetting us.
So it seems impossible moving forward, not collapsing and maintaining a high state of vitality,
have a hope for a better world… but I have always firmly believed that art is a very powerful tool
for communicating, if used wisely and consciously.

Author of the concept: Federica De Francesco

Performer: Federica De Francesco

As research on soundscape and listening, as sound-critical reflection and cross-reading practice of sound artists, poets and researchers, this project aims to study how cultural workers use sound, noise, silence, voice, listens, to question and counteract, criticize, disagree and resist the current political and economic systems, to different types of discrimination: racism, classism, sexism … This project listens to people who speak, who make noise or prefer to choose silence, as a form of struggle, from their own places, from their own bodies, from their own voices.

Different colors of light from different angles on my body (meaning: we decide through our own choices what angle we see an event or a person from)

I will let the audience interact with me and through the emotions or sentences they give me, they complete a journey called the person or thing they see.

Author of the concept: Tzuhsiang Felix Chang

Performer: Tzuhsiang Felix Chang

It’s hard to avoid guilt when thinking of plastic. We see in plastic the (all-)culprit, the author of the collapse of ecosystems  and the economy. Nature is not the opposite of plastic. Plastic is not inferior to Nature. Can the two coexist without endangering each other?

Author of the concept: Alina Tofan from PLASTIC Art Performance Collective


This is an unconscious experimental musical piece that is set to change the negative memoir about the less privileged individual in Nigerian society. This piece is focused on the northerners who use music as an expressive form of seeking their needs in society, they are popularly known as “beggars” from the northern part of Nigeria; a geopolitical zone with rich cultural heritage both in Dance, and Music.

The Yorubas’ call them (Àlàgbé) while the Igbos’ call them (Ndị arịrịọ), it’s a known fact that every human needs help from one person or the other to survive in every way, many people who are beggars are also homeless and haven’t been able to find jobs.

Get into the space of your unconsciousness and find peace in sharing.

Author of the concept: Goodluck Babatunde Olorunjedalo

Performers: Goodluck Babatunde Ọlọ́runjedálọ, Olarenwaju Toheeb Oluwasegun, Babatunde Joseph Boluwatife, Chukwuebuka Ude, Bankole Oluwadamilola

The idea of ​​the performance is to consider physical walls and their metaphorical manifestation in consciousness. 

Walls can protect. 

Walls can separate. 

Walls can support, designate personal space. 

The wall may be the only thing left of the house. 

And walls can come to life. 

During the performance, a dialogue will be created between the viewers’ experiences of wall symbols and their visualization by performers on real walls.

In the stream art performance “Walls” there will be a circular connection between viewers and performers. One part of this connection is that viewers will share their experiences in the chat. For maximum immersion in the performance process, it is advisable to connect using a laptop or computer.

Authors of the concept: Roman Kandibur, Anastasiya Vorobjova

I am Ukrainian. Now my country is at war. And many of my compatriots, as well as I myself, are now far from home, from familiar streets, reliable walls, cozy things, close people. Someone went to other countries, someone – to quieter regions of the country, someone to the front, and someone stayed in their hometown which is different from what it used to be. And we all do not know whether we will return, whether the house will be intact and the beloved ones alive. And many have already lost both. 

Preparation/Instruction for the audience:

Any time you have an idea of a phrase that will stimulate me to either strive forward no matter what, or stop, or do something else, please write it in a zoom chat. And our actrise will voice it and I will react on it. There will be first phrases that I feel to be inspired  or oppressed myself. And then you are welcome to join.

Author of the concept: Anna Pohorielova, Roman Kandibur

Performers: Anna Pohorielova, Maria Isakova

‘Sketches of Emotion’ is a hybrid performance consisting of an art exhibition and a contemporary dance performance where dance and visual arts are meeting.

Author of the concept: JC Choreography

Performers:  Karen Hendrickx and Justine Copette

Guided Improvisations, synchronised & non-synchronised events for all discipline & realtime interactions with graphic scores/artworks, that engage with an active audience in an innovative way.

The audience is encouraged to be directly involved as a vital part of the event. There is a brief description & explanation of the process before the event & visual/aural cues during the performance.

Author of the concept: Dr Elisabeth Kelvin

Performers: Elisabeth Kelvin and Ensemble ImprovFreedom (online performance collective)

Synopsis :


Folded over the deep memory of the bones of a wingless bird that open. 

The window in mouth that opens forward, breathing into the sky.

Before the beauty.

Author of the concept: Rocío WabizaSUI 


Dance : Rocío WabizaSUI. Ibiza, Spain 

Music : Bob Marsh. Pueblo, CO

We are here. In Ukraine, in European cities, in refugee camps, in the Ukrainian army, in bomb shelters and at checkpoints.
Are you here. In their countries and cities, in their homes, visiting friends, at the screens of smartphones and TVs

We live on the same planet, but we perceive this time differently, we have different experiences. We want to hear your stories about how you are experiencing the war in Ukraine. We want to be visible because we are here and we are alive.

Concept of performance: a method of online playback theater where the audience tells their personal stories and the actors play them in improvisation. This leads to honest contact between all those involved in the performance and the spectators and performers. This connects us all in the same time/space and brings us back to “HERE|HEAR”

The performer lies on the floor with her upper body inside a laundry basket. The task consists of placing red utensils inside the basket making it difficult to breathe and move. In this performance, the artist seeks to bring a reflection on the women’s social body, exploring the repetition of gesture, saturation, and accumulation.

When the performer stops putting objects into the basket, the audience participates by repeating the phrase “small daily tasks” in their native language.

Author of the concept: Thatiana Cardoso

Performers: Thatiana Cardoso

The concept it’s try to have empathy with others’ personal problems. The world usually don’t listen us so I gonna do a short happening to answer the audience questions.

Author of the concept: Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez

Perfermer: Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez


Site-specific adventure for audience in their own flats. Home as model of Universe.

SQUAT | the house is a performative mystery, when the space itself organizes the participants. This process creates a special flow experience and connection of physical and virtual realities.

The essence of SQUAT is the presence of special rooms, each of which has special rules and circumstances, so that participants can create and meet each other and themselves.

Participants can move freely between rooms, or stay in one for the duration of the process.

SQUAT is a pure manifestation of stream art performance when there is mutual performative contact.


The audiences will follow what Performer (Chols) does (including Chols’ body movements) through screen on Zoom Meeting During the performance, anyone is not allowed to speak or conduct conservation between the performer and audiences unless the moderator (Indah).

Author of the concept: Chols Verde

Performers: Cholsverde, Jean Humaniora, Indah Ramadhani


In the face of war, as in the face of love, we are a blank slate. Who knows which marks this or that will leave on itself. Are we ready for what’s going to come? Who knows, most likely not. But we always have the opportunity to fill a blank slate with who we are at every given moment. And so relive and remember everything- and war, and love.

Preparation/Instruction for the audience: Please, be ready that you will have possibility to share your music, time by time use your mic for few words (if you will wish)

Author of the concept:

Nata Vainilovych with support of Roman Kandibur

Performers: Nata Vainilovych

“Daily Puzzles” explores the experiences of those of us who are constantly exposed to various news in everyday life- through everyday household items and easily accessible materials. These performances examine the reality of the news presented to us in daily life and look for questions such as the following: “What is real and what is fake? Is it necessary to untangle what is given or should we accept as it is? 

Preparation/Instruction for the audience:

They can share all kinds of daily news with me in english.

Author of the concept: Rezzan Gümgüm

Performer: Rezzan Gümgüm

Group 7 in this work, deals with the personal and collective notions of the homeland and the individual place of reference of the contributors.The case of Nikaia: an area with yesterday and today’s refugees used as the initial reference point for the group’s research. A suburb, on the edge of the city map, between Piraeus and Athens. A non-place, where residents of different backgrounds, even today, take out their chairs on the sidewalks to sit and discuss the news of the day.

Unfortunately, the conditions today are even more tragic than they were a year ago. Blood that does not stop flowing in the world, is flowing now for once again to Europe, entered our homes. Let’s fight with the only weapon we have, art.

Author of the concept:  Group 7


Idea / Direction: Vicky Mastrogianni | Consultant of invention and drama: Anna Tsichli | Lighting designer, photography, video editing: George Zafeiriou Editing of movement, music, visual environment: Group7 | Theatrical research: Evdokia Delipetrou Assistant director: Athena Bakoyannis Technical support: Aris Triantafyllou

Actors / Performers:

Androniki Avdelioti, Elsa Loubardia, Mary Lousi, Athena Bakogianni, Lena Babasaki, Stelios Parris, Evangelis Filis.

Performers & Presenters

Babatunde Ọlọ‌runjedálọ is an inspired art-curator, community organizer, researcher, and young performance artist from a ghetto in Bariga Lagos, Nigeria. His works are focused on societal developments, his homeland and the global political crisis. He is known for his mastery and infusion of African percussive sounds into urban Afro-pop music which has earned him lots of recommendations within and outside the Creative Art industry.

Balam Ronan is an experimental musician, that now works and studies in Switzerland. He has collaborated on projects of visual arts, contemporary dance and theater. His work is focused on listenings, soundscapes, field recordings, experimental music, and sonic interventions in public spaces through different strategies: ephemeral installations, participatory practices, performance art and visual media.

Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez is a plastic artist from Cali, Colombia. She is focused on the performance, video-performance and photography. She participated in different collections, 3 national and 16 international exhibitions at the moment. Her works are focused in her resilience and empowerment using her cathartic method and her body as an art medium to talk about her personal process of fighting the bipolar affective disorder. her body as an art medium to talk about her personal process fighting inside with the bipolar affective disorder.

Alina Tofan is a multidisciplinary artist, actress & ecoperformer, co-creator of Plastic Art Performance Collective. She excels in performance, video-performance, photography and painting. Her area of practice explores unique ways of communicating with all the senses. Her goal is to express as many feelings as possible through her body.

Mboko Lopiki is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, performance artist and director of Heartist Dance Company from Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. His work is centralized on human rights and equality, the main topic he wants to communicate with auditory is a human dark-side.

Rezzan Gümgüm is an artist born in Varto, Turkey. Now she lives and works in Madrid and Ankara. Her artistic activities cover a variety of practices such as walking, video, performance, installation, photography, writing, and embroidery on fabric. She focuses on political, and ecological issues in cities and rural areas, explores possibilities of the artistic expression of personal and collective experiences with a critical approach from everyday life.

Felix Chang is a dancer grown up under the Taoism system and trained in Chinese classic&folk dance as a child. Then he studied modern dance in Germany and brought his choreography consistently since 2017 to greatest dance festivals. His work investigates the influence of decisions on us, different points and angles of view.

Elisabeth Kelvin is an artist that uses clarinet, saxophone, composition and visual art in her performance. Elisabeth’s practice blends the visual with the aural – she paints what she hears and plays what she sees. Working with contemporary Indigenous artists, she focuses on the role and the meaning of a place in social connectivity and symbolic representative art. During the pandemic, she initiated ImprovFreedom Sessions and Art in the Age of Isolation, online multimedia improvisation projects that explore new ways to prepare multidisciplinary performances.

Federica De Francesco is a dancer, performer and choreographer, trained ballet and modern dance between Rome and Florence. As a dancer and performer, he worked with various artists and companies, and in 2014 created his own — KANNON Performing Dance, thus starting a career as a choreographer and creating productions presented in theatre seasons, festivals and events all over Italy. In 2018 he closed activity in company and dedicated himself to research projects carried out both as independent artist as in residencies.

Thatiana Cardoso is a photographer, performer, and artist from São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil. She investigates the approximations between the body and domestic utensils, showing the similarity with the human body. In her artwork, objects breath, pulsate, and are tortured. The process of torturing household items speaks of veiled, symbolic violence in relation to women.Thatiana investigates deception as a poetic resource to create images that ask the viewer to be part of this aesthetic experience. She is also the creator of the projeto2x36, a multi-lingual platform for sharing poetics and artistic practices of women artists.

JC Choreography is a couple of two artists: Justine Copette, young choreographer, teacher and dancer from Liége, and Karen Hendricks is a visual artist, painter from Antwerp, both from Belgium. Justine is currently the head of her own dance company JC Choreography since 2019. Karen started drawing during performances and rehearsals in several Belgian companies for her work around dance and movement. In her work she tries to represent the expression, the emotion that emanates from the movement of the dancer. Since 2020 she collaborates with Justine to create a performance mixing contemporary dance and visual arts.

Rocío is a Butoh artist, dance therapist, specialist at japanese art , she started at classic ballet, and contemporary dance, dancing in professional companies since she was 4 years old, starting research butoh from 2004, participating at international festivals of butoh and video dance, she is the director of Haru Project: Dance & Media Ibiza since 2008. she gives butoh workshops for 15 years.

Olga is dancer, choreographer and teacher. Graduated from the Faculty of Choreography of Kiev in 2003 and P.A.R.T.S. Brussels in 2006, she moved to France to start a master program in dance at CNDC Angers (in partnership with Paris 8 University). She’ve got her master’s degree in choreography in 2013. She is a performer for Boris Charmatz. In 2009, she won the DanceWeb grant (ImpulsTanz, Vienna), and in 2013 the Danse élargie competition with her piece Korowod. After Korowod Olga created « Sœur » in 2019 and « Swan Lake solo » in 2022.

Org team


Utenkow Andrew | Odessa, Ukraine

Artistical focus: modern theatre, Playback-theatre performance, butoh dance, spontaneous dances, multimedia theatre, connection of virtual technologies and performance, organization of creative laboratories, festivals and processes

unnamed (1)

Roman Kandibur | Dnipro, Ukraine

Head of the Dnipro Playback Theater “Neighbors”, certified Playback Theater trainer (Center Playback Theater USA), head of the board of the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater, co-founder of the Ethnodrive movement, author and conductor of the educational programs in Ukraine, Europe, China, Israel. Author of the performers and theater shows. Researching modern art through  anthropology point of view, and last 2 years working with stream-art performance concept.

unnamed (2)

Maryna Zhuravska | Dnipro, Ukraine

Certified Playback Theatre practitioner, actor of the Playback Theatre “Neighbours” (Dnipro), co-founder and trainer of Playback Theatres projects in Ukraine, certified director of the stage and mass events, dance and theatre performer, culture and educational manager, organizer of art events both offline and online.


Olga sanachina | Sarasota, US

Artistical focus: modern theatre, Playback-theatre performance, certified Playback Theater trainer (Center Playback Theater USA) communicative performance, transformational art-process for business, peace-building projects, spontaneous  dance. Cofounder Vozdukh Center

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To be a performer:

You can take part in the festival with your performance. We have 3 different types of performance:

  • long duration performance (>60 min)
  • middle duration (30-60 min)
  • Short duration (0-30 min)

You can choose one 

You can also take part in the general performances of the festival (“Inhale-Wall-Exhale” or Dance Walking)

The task is to create a performance concept, which, on the one hand, touches on topics that are significant for the performer (personal, political, social), and on the other hand, invites the audience to interact with the performer and / or with each other.

After the performance, there will be a discussion of th

To be a lecturer :

You can lecture on:

  • contemporary art, stream-art and any topic related to performance (60 minutes)
  • about your career as a performer (TEDx format – 15 minutes)

To make workshop :

You can conduct a workshop on performative practices, online audience work, contemporary dance, marketing in contemporary art, talk about some tools and technologies, share your experience of doing something online and any other topic related to stream art.

To be a partner :

You can participate in the festival as an informational, technical, financial partner, or you know how we can be useful to each other.

To be a volunteer :

You can participate in the festival as a volunteer, performance administrator, technical support, organizer of preparatory processes, assistant in promotion.

To be a media :

You can participate in the festival as a media partner. If you are a blogger, a media representative, you have experience in writing texts or creating videos, if you are a member of specialized discussion platforms or chats.

What?  How?  Who?

  • Free fall :

The concept of performance is an exploration of the experience of free fall. Being beyond, a position in between. What stories come up when you think about it? What can push you to be in this state. And how to get out of it. Precisely these questions that we are interested in exploring during our performance. It will be a playback performance, when the audience tells the story, and the performers will show them on the screen. International playback group Younder.

  •  Inhale-Wall-Exhale :

The performance concept is based on the idea of ​​wall revitalization.Throughout the performance “Inhale-Wall-Exhale” the walls of abandoned houses will have meaning and function. Performers will interact with the wall, displaying what they have heard from visitors, and visitors will be on zoom, where they can write their stories in the chat. These texts to music will be played on walls by performers around the world, and videos will be streamed online. Authors of the idea: Roman Kandibur and Nastya Vorobieva

  • Happenings:

A squat is a happening in the given conditions of each of the spaces (session rooms in zoom). Somewhere music plays, somewhere conversations in the dark, somewhere we draw, and somewhere we show our sky. The essence of happening is meeting and contacting with other people in unusual circumstances, which will help to discover in us something that we may never have suspected.

  • Dance walking: Around the World:

People from all over the world gather together at the same time in the streets of their cities. Having connected, through the zoom conference we do a countdown: from 10 to 0. From this moment, a joint dance walk begins under a common playlist. We listen to the playlist on Internet radio and display an image from each city on the general gallery screen in ZOOM. We will publish a detailed schedule 2 weeks before the start.